Saturday, 2 May 2020

April Snaps

Hello lovely readers! Can you believe it's already May? I was looking back at my old posts, and I haven't done a Snapchat roundup since 2016. I do enjoy seeing these kinds of posts, and they're especially fun to look back on years later. My April has been pretty boring, as can be expected with the social distancing. I've been doing a LOT of reality TV binging (thank God for Vanderpump Rules), eating a lot of snacks, and daydreaming about my boyfriend (who I haven't seen for over a month now!). I'm managing to stay sane through it all, thanks to my family and being able to connect with my friends virtually. It's crazy to think we are living through a big piece of history! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Here are my favorite Snapchats from April 2020:

1 - My snack haul
2- Admiring the sunlight on the wall
3- A delicious brunch
4- Homemade cocktail
5- Steak dinner
6- I made delicious banana bread
7- Coffee selfie
8- My mood since the lockdown began
9- I'm in love with these Starbucks energy drinks 

A few businesses are opening up on Monday, with strict guidelines, but at least it's good news! I hope things settle down more and more in May... Thanks for stopping by :)