Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash Shampoo Review

Hello lovelies! It's already been a year and a half since I went blonde. I've tried a few purple shampoos in that time, some which worked better than others. My hairstylist recommended the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash to me. He used it to wash my hair before my last trim in early February. Despite it's expensive price, I decided that I needed it in my life. First of all, the name is awesome, I mean who doesn't want to be a Blonde Angel? Secondly, the scent is incredible!

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash had a rich, thick consistency. A little amount of product goes a long way. In just one wash, my box dye (not going to lie) yellow-toned hair looks a lot more light and golden. I definitely think this shampoo is worth the higher price point. Like almost every girl who cuts their hair short, after looking at old photos of myself with long hair, I've decided that I want to grow it out again. I've been doing a bit of research, and the same bit of advice keeps coming up: only wash your hair once a week, and use dry shampoo in between washes. This is the number 1 tip to help your hair grow faster and healthier (according to my brief YouTube research). I normally wash my hair hair every 2-3 days, so if I start spacing it out to once a week, I'll save money on shampoo ;)

I've tried a few different products by Kevin Murphy, and I've never been disappointed. Keep your eyes out for more reviews coming soon!

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