Friday, 3 April 2020

How to Stay Connected to Your Partner While Physical Distancing

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and staying safe. It's day 19 of physical distancing for me. I'm quite enjoying the quiet time and the slower pace of life, but I really do miss seeing my boyfriend. It's weird being in a long distance relationship with someone who lives in the same city as you.

I've compiled a short list of ideas you can use to stay connected to your partner during this period of physical distancing. It's important to keep the romance alive! We're lucky to have so may options for doing so with technology.
  1. Have a Zoom brunch date
    • Pick a time that you'd normally have brunch, and prepare a nice meal for yourself: eggs-benny, toast, tater tots, whatever your heart desires. You can even include a mimosa or two since you won't be driving afterwards! Tell your partner to do the same thing, then set up a Zoom video chat and eat brunch together, like if you were on a real date.
  2. Watch a movie together using Netflix party
    • Choose a fun movie you both enjoy, and watch it simultaneously with Netflix Party. You can chat while the movie is streaming!
  3. Make a bucket list of activities to do together once the restrictions are lifted
    • You could use Google docs for this, and that way you and your partner can both add to the list as ideas pop up!
  4. Plan a romantic vacation 
    • This is a little less "realistic" at the time being, as no one really knows when the restrictions will be lifted and it will be safe to travel again, but it's nice to dream! I'd love to go to a resort with Mikey in Florida, and it's fun to browse hotels online. We definitely won't be booking anything for a while however! 
  5. Have a silly selfie contest on Snapchat
    • This is always fun... it's a good way to ease the stress from physical distancing with a little laughter! 
What activities have you been doing to stay connected with your partner or friends?

Stay safe!


  1. my husband and I are still perfectly at home, but it's harder to entertain my daughter)

  2. Great post! I didn't know about Netflix Party but will check it out.

    Hints of Pearl


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