Monday, 30 March 2020

New Decade, New Me?

Hello there! I'm finally stepping back into blogging after a 5 month hiatus. And what a whirlwind it has been! I've been through some MAJOR life changes in the past few months...

I'll start with something positive: I got laser eye surgery at the end of October! It was a bit of an impulse decision to be honest, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I heard things about laser eye surgery for years, but never thought it was for me. It seemed scary, and I thought I would miss my glasses. But one day as I was in a semi-consicious state at my dentit's office getting a cleaning (yes, I'm one of those weird people who actually likes going to the dentist, and I sometimes fall asleep in the chair), I heard a radio commercial for Focus Eye Centre. I thought "Hey!...I should totally do that!". So I called the very next day to schedule my free consultation. I was a candidate, and I decided the expensive price tag was worth the benefits. I deserve to invest in myself! I honestly do not miss my glasses AT ALL. It's so freeing not having fogged up glasses during the winter months, and being able to wear any sunglasses I want. I can't say the surgery itself wasn't a little bit scary. Upon first glance of the handout they gave me with the long list of potential complications, I felt queasy. But I practiced a lot of mindfullness visualisation exercices and went for it. I'm no longer part of the four-eyed club!

The second update is life-changing on another level: I broke up with my partner of 12 years, Simon. It came as a huge shock to some people whom I wasn't super close to, especially since we had just gotten engaged in April. However, my closer friends and my family saw it coming, as they knew I had my doubts. It was a really hard decision to make. When you're with someone for such a long period of time, the roots run deep. I was at war with myself in my mind for many months. I will always care for him as a person, but there are too many things that we do not see eye to eye on, and I really couldn't see myself marrying him. I felt like if I stayed, it would have been more out of habit and convinience. Needless to say there was A LOT of emotional turmoil on both sides... ending an engagement literally uproots your whole life. I'm glad I made my decision before we were actually married however, because I definitely would not want to put either one of us through a divorce! I'm happy to say that after some time has passed, we are now on pretty good terms and we talk on a regular basis.

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So where am I now? I'm doing well spiritually and emotionally. I definitely feel a lot more confident than I did at the beginning of 2019. As I get older, I've realized that I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I'm hoping to obtain my G2 at some point this spring and get myself a car. Who would have thought I'd be getting my own car, after being afraid to drive for so long? I'm also seeing someone, and it's going splendidly. I know I moved on quickly, but I'm quickly approching my thirties so I don't have much time to waste! I didn't actively go looking for Mikey, we met and just really clicked. It was practically an instant connection. We're enjoying our new found love, and we're slowly planning our future together.

Speaking of the future, everything is pretty much at a standstill right now while the pandemic is going on. I'm still working, since I work in medical records and we need to provide a minimum level of service. I'm only working part time though as my team is sharing the workload. I'm trying to see the silver lining in the situation. It is definetely nice to be working part time and have so much time to relax. Other than leaving the house for work, I've only been venturing out on short walks with the dogs, or to get fresh air with my mom. I'm taking the health officials' reccomendations very seriosuly, and I'm not even spending time with Mikey for the time being. It's hard, but I'm thankful that we are able to connect so easily with technology!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I'm looking forward to blogging more, I've missed it!

Take care :)

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