Monday, 5 August 2019

July No Spend Challenge: Results

Hello lovely readers! I hope everyone had a fabulous month of July. It really flew by for me! I'm back to report on how my first ever no spend-challenge went. I started off strong, but did end up spending a lot on fast food for the second half of the month... I'll have to try harder to be good next time!
I began the month with a strong resolve, and actually cancelled one of my beauty subscription boxes to save some money. My friend invited me to go get a pedicure, and after initially saying yes, I changed my mind and declined her offer. Why spend $40.00 on a pedicure when I can do one myself at home for free? I was doing great until mid-month... that's when some unfortunate events happened that caused me to spend money. I turned on the wrong burner on the stove. I had left a burner cover and a pot warmer on that burner, and they made a lot of scary black smoke as they burned. There were no actual flames, but the amount of smoke freaked me out so I used my fire extinguisher to put it out. Therefore, I had to buy a new fire extinguisher...Which counts as essential, but it was not exactly in the budget! Simon also dropped our glass French press, and it cracked. I bought a new stainless steel one (clumsy fiance proof!). It was a great deal on Amazon, but also, not in the budget.

Near the end of the month, something really exciting happened regarding Square Lemon: we secured a new location! The end of the month was spent working hard to get our new building polished up and ready for our grand opening on August 3. I was very busy going to our new building every evening after work, and grabbed fast food on the way there with my friend Steph. We definitely enable each other with fast food... Dairy Queen and Little Caesar's are some of our top guilty pleasures!

All in all I'm proud of myself for my willpower at the beginning of the month (cancelling a makeup subscription is kind of a big deal to a beauty blogger!). Next time I do a no-spend challenge, I'll have to be more organized so I avoid grabbing so much fast food. You never know how busy life will get, so if I have a bunch of pre-made frozen meals ready to go, it will save me a few bucks.

Thanks for reading! xo

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