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How To Undertake Your Dream Bedroom Makeover

Undertaking a bedroom makeover can be pretty overwhelming. After all, you have to spend at least the next 5 to 7 years living in that space. If you’re planning on giving your bedroom that much-needed makeover, here are some interesting décor tips and suggestions for you. Incorporating these tips will give your bedroom that upgrade you have always wanted for it. Here’s everything you need to know:

Flooring Ideas For Your Bedroom
There are so many options when it comes to selecting the perfect flooring for your bedroom that it can be confusing. However, these suggestions make it simple and easy for you to select the correct flooring for your bedroom:
·      Wooden Flooring – If your home is located in a cold and chilly city, then the best bet for your bedroom floor would be wood. Wood helps to keep the surroundings warm and prevents the bedroom from becoming an icebox.
·      Marble Flooring – A marble flooring is perfect if you live in a tropical climatic condition. The marble will remain cool throughout the day and will also prevent your bedroom from becoming an oven in the unbearably hot summer months.

Lighting Plays A Very Important Role In Enhancing The Bedroom Décor
When we say lighting, we don’t just mean the lights that are hanging down from your ceiling, but also the natural light that flows into space. Expanding the size of your windows, or opting for floor to ceiling windows will allow more natural light to flow into your bedroom. When natural light flows into any space, the space automatically looks brighter, happier and larger. In addition to the natural lighting, you can also install modern and contemporary light structures. Pendant lights, string lights, wall lamps or modern chandeliers can be considered for your bedroom.

Artificial Landscaping Products For That Natural Charm
Installing artificial indoor trees and plants can give your bedroom that natural charm. If your bedroom has high ceilings and is large in size, you can get fake coconut palm tree options, artificial Areca plants and other such tropical trees and plants. If you wish to give your bedroom that romantic and dreamy vibe, you can opt for the illuminated artificial palm trees. The best part about installing indoor silk palm trees is that they require no maintenance and care. They are long-lasting, easy to install, reasonably priced and durable. These faux landscaping products look absolutely realistic and can fool even an expert gardener into believing that they are real.

Wall Paint Ideas For The Bedroom
The ancient trend of whitewash on the walls is pretty much history. Most homeowners now want their bedroom walls to look vibrant and cheerful. Here are some ideas of how you can get creative with the wall paint for your bedroom walls:
·      Opting for an accent wall can transform the entire look and feel of your bedroom. The accent wall should be painted in a vibrant shade, while the other walls in the bedroom should be painted with a neutral shade. Colors that are popularly chosen for accent walls include red, yellow, lavender, green and so on.
·      You can always opt for wall art for the walls of your bedroom. You can hire a professional artist to paint a majestic picture on the walls of your bedroom.
·      You can put a bright and cheerful wallpaper on the bedroom ceiling or on a single wall in your bedroom. Nowadays, many beautifully designed and patterned wallpapers are available for you to choose from. You can opt for a geometric pattern wallpaper, a wallpaper with pretty motifs and so on.

Go Minimalistic With The Furniture
Nobody likes to sleep or relax in a bedroom that’s cramped and cluttered. You need to make sure that you go minimalistic with the décor when you go in for a bedroom makeover. Install only those pieces of furniture that you will use regularly. Avoid cluttering the bedroom with unnecessary showpieces and décor items. Keep your wardrobe neat and clean and donate the clothes and shoes that you no longer wear to charity. When you go in for a minimalistic decor, your room will also look much more spacious and comfortable.

Install Wall Art In The Bedroom
If you aren’t keen on going crazy with paint colors on your bedroom walls, you can always use art as an alternate option for the walls. Installing canvas painting, wall hangings, tribal wall masks and other such items will give your bedroom walls that uplift. Always select bright and colorful paintings or wall hangings or tapestries to add color and vibrant to your room. If you have a limited budget, browse through your local flea market for unique, affordable and captivating wall art options. If you have a large budget, invest in a painting made by a well-renowned artist.

Drapes, Curtains, Rugs And Carpets
Installing drapes, curtains, rugs and carpets is absolutely essential for any bedroom. These décor items are necessary for practical and other purposes. The drapes and carpets play a very important role in preventing echoes and sound reverberation in the bedroom. Further, the drapes and curtains also prevent strong sunlight from flowing into the room in hot afternoons and also in the scalding summer months. Lastly, the rugs and carpets also add color and vibrancy to the bedroom. They give the bedroom a homely, warm and completely cozy feel.

Well, you now pretty much have all the décor ideas you could possibly need to be compiled in a list for you. All you need to do is start making the décor changes in your bedroom by incorporating the ideas. These ideas are tried and tested and you will not be disappointed with the results once your bedroom is completely done up and ready for use. You can tweak the suggestions in a way that is more personalized to your styles and preferences. Guests and visitors who visit your home will also be utterly impressed and mesmerized with the décor of the bedroom. 

Disclaimer: I was sent this as a guest blog post from CSI Wall Panels, however all opinions are my own. I was compensated for this post.

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  1. A bedroom makeover is my dream!! But it definitely is a huge undertaking. I would love to start with a clean white slate... I mean room! Definitely go the minimalist way. If I could have my way, I'd have a more neutral looking room with whites, grays, and a few pops of color here and there, as well as small plants! Thank you for sharing this :)

    Geraldine |


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