Thursday, 8 November 2018

Avon Velet Perfume Review

Hello friends! I'm a big fan of Avon perfumes, and I have a few of their scents in my perfume collection. Avon fragrances are great quality and really affordable. Avon recently launched a new scent called Velvet. I was immediately drawn to the name and couldn't pass it up. The bottle actually has a velvet cap, how cute is that?
Description from the box: "Rich with Possibilities. Inspired by the sophisticated yet sensuous touch of velvet, this fragrance is a luxurious blend of luscious fig, sumptuous rose and warm patchouli."

I love to wear spicy, warm scents in the fall and winter seasons. Any fragrance containing patchouli definitely makes me feel sophisticated. I don't really like rose scents on their own, but the combination of fig, rose and patchouli is perfect! Velvet is spicy but not over the top, since the patchouli and rose balance each other out. Although it contains none of the same notes, Velvet really reminds me of Euphoria by Calvin Klein. It's a similar warm, sexy scent. Avon Velvet will definitely be my go-to fragrance for the next few months. I've been reaching for it over and over again since I purchased it.

What are your favorite perfumes? Thanks for stopping by! xo

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