Sunday, 7 October 2018

Forever Young by Jean Pierre Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes

Hi loves! I recently picked up these Forever Young by Jean Pierre makeup removing cleansing wipes at Ardene. The adorable packaging really caught my eye. These wipes are really affordable at 3 packs for $10.00. I wasn't sure what to expect quality wise, since makeup remover wipes are usually around $10.00 a pack at the drugstore. I am pleased to say that these wipes really impressed me! The wipes are very soft, and the waffle cone scent is so yummy. They do a great job at removing my makeup up. My skin is left feeling fresh and smooth.
The Forever Young by Jean Pierre Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes will definitely be my go-to makeup remover wipes from now on. They are cruelty free, and also come in coconut scent and unscented.

What are your go-to makeup wipes? Thanks for stopping by! xo


  1. Hi i got these for christmas and it’s all i have been using on my face since beside water and i’m in hives broken out my skin is so irritated and It has moved to my whole face please just don’t buy these !!!!!!!!

    1. Oh no I'm sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to these wipes... I've been using them for many months now and they never caused me a reaction. I hope you can find another brand that doesn't cause you any problems! :)


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