Sunday, 26 November 2017

November: What I've Been Up To

Hi friends! I've been gone for almost a month! I used to do "What I've Been Up To" posts a while back and I miss them, so I figured it would be great to do one since I've been MIA. November was a really fun month and totally flew by. Here are some photos of what's been going on in my life and keeping me away from my blog recently.
One thing super dorky thing that's been occupying a lot of my time is Hey Arnold. I loved the show as a kid, and watched a few episodes on YouTube from time to time throughout the years. At the end of October, I found out about Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie and got completely swept up in all the hype. The Hey Arnold fan community is huuuuge, and it's been so amazing interacting with everyone on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie premiered on November 24, and I felt a roller-coaster of emotions watching it. I can't even explain how cool it was for a show I enjoyed as a kid to be back! My original OTP has finally become real! If you are a Hey Arnold fan, definitely check out the movie. There is lots of buzz about a potential season 6, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I bought my Hey Arnold t-shirt from Teepublic in case you are wondering.
 Two of my best friends celebrate their birthdays in November, so I made them both a cake.

I've already decorated my whole house for Christmas. Last year I felt a teeny bit rushed since I had just moved in November, so this year I wanted to go all out and start early! My Peanuts shower curtain and the cushion covers are from Wish, and the bath mat is from Amazon.

December is almost here. I'm looking forward to watching tons of holiday movies. Hope you all are having a great month. Thanks for stopping by! xo