Saturday, 28 October 2017

DIY Starbucks Drink Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween to all my basic girls! I'm so excited to share my DIY Starbucks drink costume with you! I have been slowly planning this costume since last year, when I stumbled on the idea while browsing Pinterest. I had so much fun putting it together.
Supplies needed:
-Beige t-shirt dress (I got mine on Amazon)
-Green and white fabric (I bought the cheapest tank tops I could find at a thrift store and cut them up)
-Fabric glue (I used Fabric Fusion, I found it at Walmart)
-Scotch tape
-Glue gun
-White shimmery ribbon (I got this at Dollarama)
-Fabric Markers (you can find these at craft stores)
-Silver glitter nail polish (optional)
-Black leggings to wear with the dress
Using a large bowl, trace a circle with the chalk for the Starbucks logo on the green fabric (1). Cut out your circle and tape it to your work area so it stays in place while you draw. Place your white fabric over the green circle and draw the Starbucks siren (2). Draw the siren's face on a small piece of green fabric. I drew the siren freehand and made her simpler than the original version. You can also print a Starbucks logo and trace over it. Cut all the pieces of the siren out, and glue them to the green circle using fabric glue (3). I placed a tea towel on my table before doing this, since the fabric I used was thin and I didn't want to get glue on my table. Next, glue the Starbucks logo to your dress. Once you give it time to dry, flip your dress over and draw the drink customisation boxes using a fabric marker (4).

To make the "foam" or "whipped cream", I used shimmery white ribbon and glued it to the dress with a glue gun. I simply cut many small pieces and folded them into loops, them glued the loops to the dress. I used a glue gun for this instead of the fabric glue, since the ribbon I used was a thin mesh and the fabric glue wasn't holding well. It's not very clear in the picture, but there were blobs of glue showing through the ribbon, so I used silver glitter nail polish to cover them up. You can't go wrong with glitter, right? 

I can't wait to wear this dress to work on Halloween day! Are you dressing up for Halloween? Let me know what your costume is!

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  1. What a wonderful idea for a Halloween costume and an easy one too! Will definitely try it out for myself and suggest it to others as well. Thanks for this helpful post, looking forward to more.


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