Sunday, 21 August 2016

Homeware Wishlist #2

Hi friends!! Simon and I are getting close to finalising the purchase of our first home! I'm very excited and I have so many ideas for each of the rooms. Here are the homemare items I'm currently dreaming about:
1. Antique Mirror JYSK (here)
2. Tockarp TV Bench IKEA (here)
3. Hampton Bay Floor Lamp HOME DEPOT (here)
4. Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser IKEA (here)
5. Ekne Mirror IKEA (here)
6. Roxanne Living Room Collection LEON'S (here)

Hope you are all had a great weekend!! xo

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  1. lovely furniture pieces! I've been looking into new furniture as well hehe

  2. We just bought the hemnes dresser for our new home and love it!! Happy home shopping and how exciting to be purchasing your first home! xo

  3. Wow how exciting, congratulations! I love the circular mirror and that lamp!
    Amy xx


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