Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016!

Hello lovely readers! Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you'll be enjoying the evening with family and friends. I'm personally going to have a quiet night-in with my boyfriend. I just wanted to share my thoughts as 2015 comes to a close, and share my resolutions for 2016, corny or not! Like every year, 2015 was filled with ups and downs, but was a fantastic year overall. Here are of few of 2015's highlights for me:
  • I celebrated my 25th birthday this year!
  • I became more financially responsible, saving more and working to pay off my debt.
  • I stuck to my resolution to become healthier: I lost 18 lbs and kept it off!! I'm eating much more sensibly and exercising frequently.
  • I grew spiritually this year and feel much closer to God. I've been working hard everyday to adjust my attitude, be thankful and positive instead of giving in to negativity.
  • Finally, I'm proud of my blog/YouTube accomplishments: I'm proud of myself for being consistent and posting new content as often as I can. The quality of my content has also improved. It's not perfect but I feel as though I've come a long way from when I first started in 2012!
I have big plans for 2016: I'm hoping to purchase my first home with my boyfriend Simon. If everything works out, I'll update you either on here or on YouTube. Perhaps I'll post a house tour video, or a home décor haul! My first resolution for 2016 is to be more punctual. I'm pretty good at arriving on time for work, but I'm often late when meeting with friends. It's a very rude habit so I'd like to work on arriving early!! My second resolution is to work on not gossiping. Gossiping is something I struggle with and it's something that gets me into trouble. It is much wiser to keep my mouth shut!

What are your resolutions and plans for 2016? Thanks so much for stopping by and may God bless you! xo

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Review: Avon Perfect Brow Gel in Dark Brown

Hello beauties! I'm a big fan of brow gels. They add that finishing touch to powder or pencil filled brows, and are also great to use alone in a pinch! When I noticed the Avon Perfect Brow Gel on sale a little while ago, I decided to pick one up and give it a try.
First of all, I'd like to mention that this brow gel was a very unique and interesting applicator! I've never seen one like it before. The Avon Perfect Brow Gel is a twist and click tube with little siliconey bristles. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by the bristles when I first saw them. However, they are actually quite easy to work with! This gel has a relatively thick consistency that spreads easily, and dries quickly. It actually contains tiny fibres which help fill sparse areas. The Avon Perfect Brow Gel works great on it's own, and also compliments pre-filled in brows.
There are the tiny fibers in the gel.
Here I used the brow gel by itself.
Here I applied the brow gel after filling in my brows with the Avon Ultra Luxury Brow 
Pencil in "Light Golden Brown" (which is why the color looks different). I like both looks, 
it really just depends on how much time I have in the morning!!

The Avon Perfect Brow gel lasts all day without fading or flaking. It's also very affordable, even for the regular price. Avon did not disappoint!! 

Thanks for reading :) xo

Sunday, 6 December 2015

I'm Here To Party!! New Year's Eve Outfit Inspo

Hello loves! I was contacted by a representative from the west coast division of the Fairmont Hotels, asking me to create a New Year's Eve party outfit inspired by the stunning Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego, California. After browsing the fabulous photographs on the Grand Del Mar's website, here is the outfit I came up with:

The dress is super elegant with the beautiful beaded bodice. The shoes have asymmetrical straps which are so fun. I think the silver clutch and earrings compliment the dress without being too flashy themselves. This outfit says: "I'm here to party!!" 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Grand Del Mar's website. Imagine spending your New Year's Eve there, how luxurious!

Thanks for reading!! xo

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Hudson's Bay

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