Friday, 27 November 2015

Bedroom Christmas Decor: 2015 Edition

Hello loves! It's already been two weeks since I decorated my room for the Christmas season (yes I got really excited!). I made a post similar to this one back in 2013 (click here if you're interested). Most of my decorations are the same apart from a few new pieces, but I also changed my arrangements. If everything goes well, my boyfriend and I should be moved out into our own house next year, so perhaps I'll be able to blog about all the Christmas decorations in own new house! I'm really excited to have my own tree (or should I say trees?)! But for now, here is my bedroom decor:
 The little animals are new from 2014. I bought them at Target which unfortunately no longer exists in Canada! I've had the vase and ornaments for ages. I believe they're from Loblaws. The candles are from Bath and Body Works of course!
My nutcraker is super old, from Rexall I believe. I think he looks adorable next 
to my makeup brushes!
This little Nativity scene is actually a tea light holder. I embellished it with a pine ornament. I keep makeup wedges handy beside it (these little shelves are part of my vanity).
This is my messy shelf on which I put some decor items and some crafting items I want to keep out of my cat's reach. The lights are from Dollarama and so are the ornaments.
How festive!!

Are you a Christmas decoration fanatic? Thanks for stopping by! xo

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