Monday, 12 October 2015

Maybelline Fit Me Powders: Original Formula Vs New Matte + Poreless Formula

Hello loves! I'm a huge fan of the Maybelline Fit Me setting powder. I've been using the original formula for years. Since I have oily skin, I decided to try the Matte + Poreless formula and see if it made a difference. I wanted to share my thoughts on both powders with you.
The Maybelline Fit Me powder in the original formula comes with a pouf, and the Matte + Poreless powder comes with a sponge. However, I apply both powders with a powder brush. 
The swatches are hard to see on against my pale skin but the original powder is under the triangle on the left. It's slightly lighter than the Matte + Poreless powder even though both are in shade "120 Classic Ivory"!

Maybelline Fit Me Powder Original: I believe this powder has been renamed and now has a label indicating that it's for normal to dry skin (mine pictured above is in the old packaging). This powder sets my makeup and gives me a tiny bit of extra coverage. I find it really helps to make my pores look smaller, especially on and around my nose. My skin does get a bit oily near the end of the day, but I just dab away the excess oil with a tissue and apply another layer of powder. This product does not make my skin look cakey even after reapplying. It has tiny shimmers in it, but they are not noticeable on the face.
If you look closely, you can see the tiny shimmers.

Maybelline Fit Me Powder Matte + Poreless: This powder has no shimmers in it at all. It really gives my skin the flat, matte effect. The consistency is slightly different than the original: it's less powdery and almost a tiny bit siliconey. My skin still gets oily near the end of the day, but applying another layer does not make me cakey either. However, I did notice I looked quite cakey when using this powder in combination with the Relvon Colorstay 24h foundation (which is a very heavy foundation that sets quickly). I would not recommend using this powder with  heavy foundations, but it does work great with medium coverage foundations or BB creams. I find it gives a little more coverage than the original formula. When using this powder, I find it important to bronze my face or at least use blush, or else I find I look too matte and flat!
This formula is completely flat.

Both powders are great, but I will not be repurchasing the Matte + Poreless one. I just prefer the original formula. Thanks for reading! xo

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