Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Book Review: No Good Girls by Jean Marie Pierson

No Good Girls by Jean Marie Pierson is such a cute novel! It's definitely a chick-lit, but very well written. Some parts made me laugh, while others made me tear up! No Good Girls is the first novel I've read by Jean Marie Pierson and I really love her style.

Geri a 20-something single girl waiting for her "New York Minute" to change her drab life into a magical happy ending. She's definitely not your typical young woman: after her mother left her father behind for another man when she was very young, Geri has had an imaginary friend. His name is J.T., and he's been around ever since! Between work mishaps and drunken nights at the bar with her girlfriends, Geri is trying to find her soulmate. She falls in love with her sweet and handsome neighbour, but unfortunately he already has a girlfriend! I really enjoyed this book and the ending was very different from other romance novels I've read.

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