Wednesday, 13 May 2015

May 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag: Jet Setter

Hello loves! It's time for another Ipsy Glam Bag reveal! This month's theme is "Jet Setter". The bag itself is super adorable. This month's bag featured quite a few brands I've never heard of before, so I'm excited to try out my goodies!
Peter Lamas Natural Detoxifying Citrus Facial Cleanser--I've never heard of a detoxifying cleanser so I'm excited to see how this works! 
Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen for the face SPF 30--this is always a must for summer! 
Luxie 20 Tapered Blending brush--I'm not a huge fan of getting brushes in my subscription boxes/bags but this brush does look like it's good quality. I suppose I can never have too
 many brushes! 
Pixi by Petra Beauty Bronzer in "Summertime"--This is my favourite item in the bag! I'm really excited to try this gorgeous looking bronzer! 
Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lip Gloss and Ozone Priming Lip Pencil--This is my least favourite item from the bag but only because I'm not a lip product person. I rarely wear lip glosses or lipsticks, I'm really a basic lip balm girl. However, I'm sure this is an excellent product and I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay! I think I'll just give this sample to one of my friends who does like lip products.

Are you an Ipsy subscriber? Thanks for stopping by! xo

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  1. This is a pretty Lipgloss. I've never tried a subscription box/bag before. I heard mix opinions about Ispy, maybe I will try it out.



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