Wednesday, 27 May 2015

HOTD: Beachy Waves

Hello loves!! Here is a fun and super easy summer hair style, perfect for the beach, the pool or even work (why not?)!

I had some sea salt spray laying around for a while and I wasn't sure how it would work on my hair. My natural hair is probably 95% straight except for a few occasional kinks, so I didn't think the spray would do much without adding some texture to my hair first. I braided my hair at night after washing it, and slept with the braids. In the morning I simply removed the braids and ran my fingers through them a bit to loosen them up. Then I added some sea salt spray all over and voilĂ !
The night before! 
Sea salt spray used: 
Captain Blankenship Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Spray 

This style lasted most of the day but did begin to loosen more and more as the day wore on. Is this something you'd try? Thanks for reading :) xo

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

May 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag: Jet Setter

Hello loves! It's time for another Ipsy Glam Bag reveal! This month's theme is "Jet Setter". The bag itself is super adorable. This month's bag featured quite a few brands I've never heard of before, so I'm excited to try out my goodies!
Peter Lamas Natural Detoxifying Citrus Facial Cleanser--I've never heard of a detoxifying cleanser so I'm excited to see how this works! 
Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen for the face SPF 30--this is always a must for summer! 
Luxie 20 Tapered Blending brush--I'm not a huge fan of getting brushes in my subscription boxes/bags but this brush does look like it's good quality. I suppose I can never have too
 many brushes! 
Pixi by Petra Beauty Bronzer in "Summertime"--This is my favourite item in the bag! I'm really excited to try this gorgeous looking bronzer! 
Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lip Gloss and Ozone Priming Lip Pencil--This is my least favourite item from the bag but only because I'm not a lip product person. I rarely wear lip glosses or lipsticks, I'm really a basic lip balm girl. However, I'm sure this is an excellent product and I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay! I think I'll just give this sample to one of my friends who does like lip products.

Are you an Ipsy subscriber? Thanks for stopping by! xo

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Avon Extra Lasting Concealer Review

Hi loves! I've been trying out more Avon products lately, this Avon Extra Lasting Concealer is my latest favourite. It's a great consistency, not too creamy or too lightweight either. The coverage is medium, and totally buildable for stubborn spots. I sometimes use this concealer instead of foundation or BB cream: I apply a thin layer all over my face and then add a layer of setting powder. I feel my skin looks best when I don't use the exact same products everyday, it's nice to switch up my routine and give my skin a break from certain products. This concealer really is "extra-lasting", it lasts all day without fading. The packaging is also really cute, I love the red cap!!
Avon Extra Lasting Concealer in "Light"

Have you tried this concealer? Thanks for stopping by! xo

Monday, 11 May 2015

Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream Beauty Bar Review

Hello loves! I have a soap review for you today. I like to alternate between using body washes and regular soap bars when I shower, it's nice to mix up the scents and textures. I've been using the Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream Beauty Bar with Magnolia Scent for a couple months now. I purchased a 3-pack and I've already completely used up two of the bars!
I find Dove products always deliver excellent moisture to my skin. This beauty bar has 1/4 of moisturising cream packed inside so it leaves my skin feeling super smooth when I get out of the shower. It lathers up nicely and the scent of magnolia is fabulous! It's not too overpowering either. The only down side to this product is it seems to melt away faster than other soap bars I've used. It's not a big deal at all though, since these beauty bars are super affordable!!

What are your favourite Dove products? Thanks for reading :) xo

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review: The Balm En Root Hair Shine Serum

Hello loves! I received this sample of The Balm's En Root Hair Shine Serum in one of my previous Luxeboxes. I've been using it now for about a month. I'm a big fan of hair serums, I find they are a small step in my hair routine that really go the extra mile. The Balm's En Root Hair Shine Serum is said to be safe for color treated hair, which I currently have (perfect!). It doesn't contain any parabens or sulfates, and it's packed with green tea, bamboo and rice proteins, argan oil and vitamins to nourish your hair. This serum also smells amazing! It's just a tiny bit sweet and sort of reminds me of almond cake.
I always wash my hair at night and let it air dry. I like to apply this serum in the morning on clean, dry hair. I rub a dime sized amount between my palms and work it into the ends, then I brush my hair so the serum will be distributed as evenly as possible. I only apply it every second or third day, since I don't wash my hair every day. This serum leaves my hair feeling softer and looking shinier, keeping frizziness at a mininum. My ends also feel much less dry. It really does make a significant difference! I've only used up about a quarter of the bottle in a month since I apply so little at a time. Once my bottle is done I may just have to purchase the full size!

What's your favorite hair serum? Thanks for reading! xo

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mishaa M Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

Hello loves! I received this Mishaa M Perfect Cover BB Cream in my Fall 2014 Luxebox. I wanted to wait for warmer weather before trying it out. I've been using it for about two weeks now and I'm really happy with the results!
I'm already a really big fan of BB creams for the warmer months. When it's super hot and humid, I feel like regular foundation can be too heavy and almost feel like it's melting off! The Mishaa M Perfect Cover BB Cream is exceptionally light and smooth. It has an SPF of 42 which is awesome! It blends into my skin so effortlessly. Unless I have a really stubborn blemish, this BB cream gives me enough coverage to use completely on its own without adding concealer. The finish is slightly dewy, so I like to add a light layer of setting power to keep my face matte. This product also has great wearing time, it lasted all day and I only noticed it was fading around my nose (only because I've been blowing my nose constantly since spring is also allergy season for me!). This product does have a light scent, a bit like a sunscreen. However it's not at all offensive and the smell fades after about an hour of wear, so it didn't bother me.
BB cream alone
BB cream with a layer of setting powder 

What's your favorite BB cream? Thanks for reading! xo

Friday, 1 May 2015

Hello May

Happy May everyone!! Wow, I feel like April really flew by, almost faster than February! Here are a few "lifestyle" pictures from April. I love seeing lifestyle shots from other bloggers and it's been a while since I've posted some of my own. You might have already seen a few of these if you follow me on Instagram. I hope May brings bright days and smiles to all of you!! :)
Work treats. I'm still using my Christmas mug!! 
We had A LOT of gray, rainy days this April... but April showers bring May flowers right? 
Casual (and laid back) Fridays! 
Pamper picks I've been loving this month. 
Delicious pizza from the mall food court ♥ 
Car selfie!! 
Yummy fruit!! 

Thanks for stopping by! xo