Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book Review: Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison

This novel was a super fun girly read. Four strangers with nothing in common (except a passion for designer shoes!) join together for the Shoe Addicts Anonymous club. Each woman has her own set of woes, and hope the club will temporarily take their minds off their troubles. Jocelyn, a young woman from a small town working as a nanny, has to deal with a horrible boss. She's trapped by a contract as well as her own loyalty. Sandra is severely agoraphobic and hasn't had any social interaction in ages, except with her therapist (and her clients--she has a scandalous job!). Helene is married to a politician. She's got it all: money, looks, fame... but her husband is a ultra-controlling and ultra-unfaithful. Lorna, who created Shoe Addicts Anonymous, is drowning in debt. She hopes the club will stop her from buying shoes. She can trade shoes instead!

These women never expected to become the best of friends and start a new life! Each woman, slowly but surely, solves their problems through new found determination and support. This novel also features action scenes and plot twists: Helene is being followed by a suspicious cameraman, and Jocelyn learns there is a lot more to the nanny business than she originally thought. Lorna and Sandra find unexpected romance. Definitely a page turner!


  1. Very interested. Books are always great. Most are even better than the movies they made based on books.

  2. I am not really into books unless the book is really interesting. I am definitely checking this book out, it seems like it's worth the buy and your summary of the book is great! - Ashley


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