Thursday, 23 April 2015

Book Review: Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich

Hello fellow book worms. You might already be familiar with the Stephanie Plum series, but I'm super late with it. I just read book fourteen, and book twenty-one has already been released!
Stephanie Plum is a 30-something with quite the exciting job: she’s a bounty hunter! She's not exactly an expert at it, but somehow manages to make it through all the sticky situations he gets herself into. She has two men in her life: her on-again, off-again sexy cop boyfriend, Joe Morelli, and her "friend" Ranger, a smoking-hot professional bounty hunter. These two men are always ready to help Stephanie get out of her messes. On top of having an unusual job and complicated love life, Stephanie is always at the centre of Trenton's latest mystery.

In this particular story, Stephanie ends up… on babysitting duty! After apprehending Loretta, a skip who held up a liquor store, Stephanie ends up watching Loretta's 14 year old son, Mario, until Loretta can post bail. Once she finally manages to do so and get out of jail, it isn't long before she disappears! While trying to find Loretta, Stephanie learns that Loretta's brother Dom robbed a bank ten years ago and has just come out of jail. He was able to hide the money before getting caught. Now he and his partners are trying to get in touch with each other to get their hands on the 9 million Dom has hid. The only problem is one of the partners is unknown to Dom. Getting the money is turning out to be more complicated than Dom had hoped, and the mystery partner has grown impatient. He has kidnapped Loretta!

Stephanie must try to work with Dom to uncover the identity of the mystery partner and save Loretta. This task is easier said than done. Dom has major anger management issues and absolutely hates Morelli. Mario is currently living with Stephanie in Morelli's home, and Dom isn't at all pleased. On top of that, news of the hunt for the missing money quickly makes its way around the city, and soon greedy Trenton citizens show up on Morelli's lawn, hoping the money is buried there. As each day goes by, the mystery partner is getting more and more anxious. He kills the other two partners, and is sending threats that he will harm Loretta if his demands aren't met. Can Stephanie find Loretta and the money in time?

This series is suspenseful and super hilarious. If you've never read a Stephanie Plum novel, what are you waiting for? You’ll be addicted!


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