Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It's a Blue Mascara Kind of Day: Avon Super Shock Brights Mascara in Royal Shock

Hi loves!! I saw this absolutely gorgeous mascara in a recent Avon Campaign and was immediately drawn to it. I used to wear blue mascara back in my "tween" days, and I remember how fun it was. However I haven't been able to find any coloured mascara in drug stores, at least not anything this bright! I know higher end brands have coloured mascaras but I'm cheap, okay? So when I saw the Avon Super Shock Brights Mascara I grabbed a tube of the prettiest blue!  

What a stunning blue!!! I love the sleek black packaging with the glittery foil print. I applied three coats to my top lashes, and two coats to my bottom lashes. This mascara has impressive colour pay-off. My natural lashes are quite dark, so I think it would look even cooler for ladies with lighter lashes. This may not be a work appropriate look, but I'm going to rock it on casual Fridays and weekends!

Would you ever wear something like this?? Thanks for reading! xo

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