Saturday, 15 November 2014

Book Review: In The Blood by Lisa Unger

I really enjoyed this gripping story! This is a "thriller" type of novel with plot twist after plot twist. The story follows Lana's adventures at college. All her life, Lana has been hiding from her past by building a new life for herself and building walls around herself. She is the quiet, shy girl who blends into crowds. When her friend and flatmate Beck goes missing, all clues point to Lana. Lana couldn't be involved in Beck's disappearance, could she? Lana would never hurt anyone. Is it  more than a simple a coincidence that this is the second disappearance at Lana's college, and she has been somehow involved in both the victim's lives?

Lana has been babysitting Luke, a troubled boy she seems to relate to. Luke starts a scavenger hunt with Lana, which takes her mind off her problems. However, as she finds each clue she wonders if this is really just a child's game, or something more? The clues lead to secrets in Lana's past. How could Luke, an 8 year old boy, know about her? And how much does he know?

I don't want to give anything else away so all I'll say is nothing is as it seems in this novel. Each character holds many secrets and are connected to each other in ways you'd never expect!  

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