Sunday, 13 April 2014

Essence Nail Art Stampy Set Review!

Hello loves! I've been wanting to buy a nail stamping set for a long time but was undecided on which brand to try. I was browsing the makeup aisle at the drugstore last week and saw this Essence Stampy Set for really cheap so I decided to try it out!

The set comes with one plate, the stamper and the scraper. 
I love the cute designs! My favourite is the big "hand-drawn" style heart :) 
Here is the finished look! 
I used three coats of this Orly polish in "Green With Envy" as a base colour. 
I used this Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear polish in "White On" to stamp. 
Finally I used a coat of this "Colour & Go" topcoat by Essence.

I had fun with this set and I really liked the end result. It does get a little messy and you need to have nail polish remover nearby to clean the plate and stamper between stampings. The scraper does accumulate polish too so it needs to be cleaned every 3-4 stamps or so. I used regular nail polish but I think there is special polish designed for stamping you can use as well, maybe it would be less messy? Overall I would definitely recommend this set!! 

Thanks for reading :) xo


  1. This is so awesome! I really want this, and I'm not much of a nail art person!

  2. Oh how fun! I love the little bows. I always wondered if products like this worked! <3 Amber


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