Saturday, 28 December 2013

What I Got for Christmas 2013 :)

Hello loves! Here is a quick post to show you some of the lovely presents "Santa" brought for me this holiday season! I am not trying to show off, I just enjoy seeing this type of post so why not post it myself as well :) 
My mom wanted a table tree this year :) 
New scarf! 
Holiday scented candles from PartyLite! 
"Sweater" mug filled with goodies 
More goodies! 
Ciaté foil manicure kit! I will definitely have a review on this once I use it :) 
Hello Kitty eyeliner pencil! 
Bamboo gift set from Fruits and Passion! 
Here is what's inside :) 
ScentGlow wax warmer from PartyLite with yummy wax wheels :) 
Maxi dress from Forever 21! 
Super cozy sleep sweater from Forever 21 :) 
Adorable Forever 21 pj pants :) 
Forever 21 leggings :)

I hope everyone had a lovely and safe holiday with their families! Thanks for reading!! xo


  1. Love your pjs! So cute! :D

  2. You received nice things!
    We exchange gifts on New Year's Eve, so I haven't received mine yet.
    Happy hlidays!

  3. Ooooo you are one lucky lady! I love these kind of posts too. The wrapped gift selection next to the tree looks sooo lovely. The sweater mug and pj bottoms are adorable. You will look so glam in the maxi dress too!! xx


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