Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Christmas Tag ♥

1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic? A synthetic one :) Easier to clean up!! 

2. You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you order? Any kind of holiday drink. I love trying them all. My favourite is the peppermint mocha from Starbucks but I do enjoy a lot of the holiday drinks at Timothy's :)

3. What's your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree? I really like white trees full of pink and gold decorations!! #barbielicious

4. Giving or receiving? Giving :) Shopping for presents and imagining people's reactions is so fun! But I do love to receive gifts as well ;)

5. To mince pie or not to? I've never had mince meat to be honest. I do love tourtière if that counts?

6. What's your traditional Christmas lunch? Crackers with brie and paté de foie gras, with veggies and dip!
7. Christmas day fashion? CASUAL! Last year I wore a huge sweater and red skinnies, but most of the time I stick to my pjs :)
8. What's your favourite Christmas song? Any version of sleigh bells :)

9. What's your favourite Christmas film? The Grinch with Jim Carrey ♥

10. Open presents before or after lunch? When I was little it was always before, but lately my family sleeps in.  

Thanks Izzy for giving me the idea for this tag! Check out hers here

I tag Amber, Julz, and Lucie :) Feel free to tag yourself of course!! :) xo

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  1. Thank you for tagging me! Your Christmas sounds just lovely! Looking forward to doing this xxx


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