Friday, 1 November 2013

October: What I've Been Up To :)

Hello loves!! I had a fun October but it went by super fast!! I seriously cannot believe Christmas is coming soon. I feel like time is going so much faster for me now that I am done uni, I guess that's how working life goes! Here are some photos from the month:
I have been loving the weather and scenery :) 
Here is just a random fotd from a Saturday. I had time to do a cat eye ♥ 
A random notd from October: purple-pink fade out with navy polka dots! 
(not at all fall colours, but on well) 
I have been SERIOUSLY obsessed with South Park this month!! I never used to really like it, 
but now that I gave it a chance I can't get enough! It's very silly (but who doesn't enjoy toilet
 humour every now and then?). I really enjoy the satires of society, they make you think! Image credit here 
I was very lazy this Halloween and didn't dress up. I wore mostly black and "decorated" myself with
 a spider garland. Sorry for the crap picture quality, I borrowed this from my Instagram!

I hope you all had a fab October :) Thanks for reading!! xo

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