Sunday, 24 November 2013

NOTD: New Sephora Formula X Nail Polish!!

Hello boo bears!! I was browsing Sephora the other day and I came across the new Formula X for Sephora line of nail polishes.  I have never heard of Formula X before, and as I discovered from reading the bottle, it's actually a UK brand! I picked up a glittery red since the holidays are coming up :) Here is my attempt at chevron nails: 
This polish is from the old Sephora by OPI line, in "I Only Shop Vintage".
Here is Formula X for Sephora in "Atom + Eve" (What a cute name!!)

I was a bit disappointed with the Formula X polish since 2 of my nails chipped within one day. However I think I am partly to blame, since I ended up doing a pretty thick coat to get the chevron look. Maybe if I only used one coat of "Atom + Eve" over another red polish as a base it could last longer?? I was very impressed with the wide range of colors the line had to offer!! Go check out these polishes if you haven't already :)

Thanks for reading!! xo

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