Tuesday, 26 November 2013

OOTD: Snakeskin Print Dress ♥

Hello loves :) Here is just a quick outfit I wear to work quite often. I purchased this dress from Fairweather at the beginning of fall. I can't remember the exact price but it was a bargain!! I love dresses, they are so fun to wear (and easy to throw on when you wake up late)!!
I love to wear this dress with a tight bun and big earrings :)

Thanks for reading :) xo

Sunday, 24 November 2013

NOTD: New Sephora Formula X Nail Polish!!

Hello boo bears!! I was browsing Sephora the other day and I came across the new Formula X for Sephora line of nail polishes.  I have never heard of Formula X before, and as I discovered from reading the bottle, it's actually a UK brand! I picked up a glittery red since the holidays are coming up :) Here is my attempt at chevron nails: 
This polish is from the old Sephora by OPI line, in "I Only Shop Vintage".
Here is Formula X for Sephora in "Atom + Eve" (What a cute name!!)

I was a bit disappointed with the Formula X polish since 2 of my nails chipped within one day. However I think I am partly to blame, since I ended up doing a pretty thick coat to get the chevron look. Maybe if I only used one coat of "Atom + Eve" over another red polish as a base it could last longer?? I was very impressed with the wide range of colors the line had to offer!! Go check out these polishes if you haven't already :)

Thanks for reading!! xo

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fall OOTD: Skater Skirt and Cardigan ♥

Hello lovelies :) I just wanted to share a quick ootd with you :) I wore this to work a little while ago :)

Skirt: Giant Tiger!! #noshameinmygame
Cardigan: Fairweather
Tank top: Suzy Shier 
I have an unhealthy obsession with this black headband... it's from Forever 21. 
My owl necklace is from Forever 21. 
My heart earrings are from... you guessed it, Forever 21!!!

Thanks for reading!! xo

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dressy Fall OOTD for Work!!

Hello loves!! I loooove me a blazer. I found this cute cropped blazer at Forever 21. I got it for a steal during a recent online sale. Here I paired it with a black pencil skirt from Ricki's (which I've had forever!). Hope you enjoy :)
This blazer has SUPER shoulder padding! My tank top is from Suzy Shier (it's just a basic ribbed tank).
Messy bun, of course. 
My floral necklace is also from Forever 21. It wasn't on sale, but c'mon, when is Forever 21 expensive?

I think this blazer would also look adorable over a dress. Thanks for reading!! xo

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Nail Trend: Try A Second Color Inside!!

Hello loves :) I saw this super cute idea in Loulou magazine. If your nails are long enough, try painting the inside of your nails with a contrasting polish for a fun look.  Here is my take on it:

 I used a dark blue polish from Forever 21 that already had glitter in it. 
I painted the inside with Orly's "Geen Apple".
I really love this trend!! It is a bit difficult to paint the
 inside of your nails; you need a really thin brush.
For an extra pop I wore this bright blue ring from Ardene.

Thanks for reading!! xo

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Weekend OOTD: Denim Shirt ♥

Hello loves :) I just wanted to share a quick ootd with you!! This outfit is perfect for shopping or having lunch with friends.  Hope you enjoy!
Denim shirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: American Apparel (I've had it since I started uni!)
Jeans: Bluenotes 
  I purchased this denim shirt from Forever 21 about a month ago.  They were having 
a HUGE sale! I believe I only paid $8.50 for it.  I love the plaid and faux leather details.
I paired the jeans on jeans look with a messy bun (which I've been wearing a lot lately, I've been lazy!)

Thanks for reading!! xo

Friday, 1 November 2013

October: What I've Been Up To :)

Hello loves!! I had a fun October but it went by super fast!! I seriously cannot believe Christmas is coming soon. I feel like time is going so much faster for me now that I am done uni, I guess that's how working life goes! Here are some photos from the month:
I have been loving the weather and scenery :) 
Here is just a random fotd from a Saturday. I had time to do a cat eye ♥ 
A random notd from October: purple-pink fade out with navy polka dots! 
(not at all fall colours, but on well) 
I have been SERIOUSLY obsessed with South Park this month!! I never used to really like it, 
but now that I gave it a chance I can't get enough! It's very silly (but who doesn't enjoy toilet
 humour every now and then?). I really enjoy the satires of society, they make you think! Image credit here 
I was very lazy this Halloween and didn't dress up. I wore mostly black and "decorated" myself with
 a spider garland. Sorry for the crap picture quality, I borrowed this from my Instagram!

I hope you all had a fab October :) Thanks for reading!! xo