Sunday, 29 September 2013

OOTD: Formal Dinner :)

Hello loves :) My boyfriend Simon is in his second year of law school and he gets to go to all kinds of fancy events. Sometimes he is allowed to bring a plus one, and I've been begging him to bring me to a fancy event forever!! My chance finally came last Friday :)
My main reason for wanting to go was for the food, not going to lie. I love eating at restaurants, and since this was a classy/formal event I knew the food would be really fancy. Also, it's fun to get dressed up!! Enjoy the photos :)
Simon in his suit (why so serious??)

My dress is from Cleo (I've had it for a few years) 
We didn't even plan our outfits, good thing Simon's colors blended well with mine!! 
I wore a little blazer-type jacket to be more formal. I borrowed my sister's boots from Aldo. 
 Simon was wearing dress shoes of course but in this photo he's in his socks :3 
My clutch!! I'm not sure what the brand is, my mom gave it to me as a Christmas gift :)
Very fancy :) 
Now on to the FOOD!!  
I had the green papaya salad appetizer. Very yummy! 
The main course was ahh-mazing!! The cod was so tender, and the broth was so rich!
It had truffle oil, can you get any fancier than that??

Thanks for reading!! xo


  1. Omg, truffle oil is very expensive! But anyway, you're so lucky to get these kinds of opportunities, y'all look fabulous of course!

  2. Ya'll look so chic and cute together. Looks like it an elegant night. Hope you had fun, love! <3 Amber


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