Wednesday, 4 September 2013

If I Was A Rich Girl--Fall 2013 Wishlist

Hello loves!  I've been seeing so many nice clothes online for the upcoming fall season! Unfortunately, I've put myself on a somewhat strict no buy regimen (Of course I say this but I will still shop. There are always essentials!! But I am trying really hard to cut back!).  I need to save up money so I can eventually buy a house of my own.  So for now I can only dream, and I decided to share my fall picks with you :) We can window shop together!!
Images courtesy of the websites mentioned. **Some items may not be available when you click, I know these sites sell out fast! Click the link below the picture to go to the website**
Thanks for reading!! I enjoyed doing this type of post, I will be posting more like it in the future!! xo


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