Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Book Review: I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

***WARNING*** Spoiler alert!!!
Sooooo I loved this book. I ate it up. I adore Sophie Kinsella (Confessions of a Shopaholic --hello!), she is among my top favourite authors.

The book, written in the first person (my favourite style) tells the story of Poppy, a fabulous 29 year old who seems to have everything figured out: she works as a successful physiotherapist (with her two best friends no less) and is planning her wedding to the handsome and very smart Magnus. But of course Poppy is a bit of a ditz and has misplaced her wedding ring. Not just any ring, an emerald family ring that belonged to Magnus's mother, Wanda. To make matters worse, Wanda and her husband Anthony are quite snobbish and Poppy is intimidated by them! Imagine already not being comfortable around your in-laws and having to admit to them you've lost the family gem!
Poppy meets Sam, the introvert business man in a strange way. When her phone is stolen by a mugger, she spots a cell phone in the trash and decides it will have to do. She NEEDS a phone so anyone who spots the missing ring can contact her. Turns out the phone belongs to Sam's company, tossed in the trash by his less than reliable PR who quit for a modeling gig. Sam agrees to let Poppy keep the phone until her ring is found as long as she forwards all his emails and texts to him. Poppy decides that Sam's emails have been unanswered for too long, and gives herself the liberty of answering for him. When did replying to your emails ever hurt anybody? Poppy will soon find out the consequences of her "helpful" gesture...
Through the cheesy but cute charades Poppy begins to fall for Sam and discovers Magnus has been cheating on her with her wedding planner, Lucinda. She is about to call off the wedding but Magnus makes a last minute attempt at saving the romance, and Poppy buys it. However, she cannot suppress her feelings for Sam and realizes Magnus has never genuinely cared about her. A cliché walk off the altar ensues. Sam is waiting for Poppy in the café across the street and the reader is left with the blossoms of their new romance.
This book was extremely girly, cheesy, and PREDICTABLE. I KNEW Poppy was going to end up with Sam after reading the first chapter. But I kept reading of course to see how it would all unfold. Kinsella did have a few tricks up her sleeve--I was not expecting the whole Magnus and Lucinda disaster (very ironic). I did suspect Magnus was up to something though, I mean who proposes after a month?? If you like super girly chick lit books, you will love I've Got Your Number.

Thanks for reading!! xo

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