Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ardene and Yves Rocher Mini Haul!! :)

Hello lovelies!! I received a card in the mail saying I would receive a free agenda with any beauty purchase from Yves Rocher.  Yesterday I stopped at the mall to pick up some polishes and collect my agenda.  I thought the agenda would help me stay organized for blogging/youtubing :) Plus it's totally cute!! While I was at the mall I had to stop at Ardene too, of course. I love Ardene shoes; they are such a bargain and they have so many cute styles!!  They aren't amazing quality so they usually only last me 3-4 months but they are so cheap I don't mind.  Plus that way I get to try out more styles ;)  I thought I'd share my purchases with you, hope you enjoy!!

Yves Rocher Nail Lacquer in "Taupe" and "Bleu Violet"
These fab sandals from Ardene were 3 pairs/$15.00!!!
These cute flats were 2 pairs/$15.00 :)
Thanks for reading!! xo

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