Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Nail Polish Review!!

Hello loves :) I purchased this polish a while ago and I'm finally geting around to reviewing it!!  The polish is called "Heavenly Angel" and it's part of the Selena Gomez collection, from the Nicole by OPI line.  When I saw this polish in the store I was immediately drawn to it's pretty irredescent glitters!  This type of glitter is often refered to as a "flakie" glitter, since the glitters are in little flakes insteads of being little hexagons or circles.  I layered it over a pink polish:
My friend Farida borrowed it and layered it over a navy blue, which made the glitter pop a lot more.  Either way, it's a very pretty polish and I'm glad I added it to my collection.  My mani did not chip for a good 3 days when I wore it!!
Have you tried anything from the Selena Gomez polish collection yet? Thanks for reading!! xo

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