Friday, 3 May 2013

Pandora's Eyes Mascara Review

Hi everyone!!  I received a full size Pandora's Eyes mascara by Pandora's Makeup Box in my spring luxebox.  I was VERY impressed with it!! 

If you don't already know, Luxebox is a service offered by a company called Loose Button. Unlike monthly boxes, Luxebox is a quarterly subscription: one box for each season!!  Full size and deluxe size samples of beauty products (including skin, nails, fragrance, etc.) are mailed to your door for a low price, giving you the chance to try products out before actually buying them. Find them here:

I absolutetly loved the cute packaging!!  The pretty floral box really caught my eye and I adore the little rhinestone on the mascara wand!!

As far as the brush is concerned, I'd say it's your standard basic brush.  What's special about this mascara is definitely the formula.
The mascara itself is what I would describe as a ''wet mascara''.  I prefer wetter mascara formulas because they tend to flake a lot less.  This mascara still dries really quickly.  In terms of the effects this mascara gives: it's only a lenghtening mascara, no volume was added to my lashes.  I actually prefer lenghtening mascaras over volumizing ones since my lashes are already relatively full.  It gives a more natural look.
I applied two coats to my top lashes and one coat to my bottom lashes.  
I checked out the Pandora's Makeup Box website.  The brand was created by  Susan Kirsch, a Canadian makeup artist and cosmetic studio owner.  All their packaging is eco-friendly!  The brand also offers eyeshadows, blushes, nail polish, lipsticks, makeup brushes and perfume.  Check them out here:

Have you tried out this brand yet?  What do you think? This mascara is now on my favorites list!!

Thanks for reading!! xo


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  2. I was not the least bit impressed with this was way too wet for me, clumpy, and did nothing for volume, just spidery length. And for all of it's "natural" claims, it contains parabens. Oh well, different strokes for different folks! Glad that it worked out for you--it's nice when a beauty box has a gem in it for you!


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