Thursday, 28 February 2013

NOTD: Heart Decorations

Hi everyone!! Here is a simple nail art idea for you :) I purchased these nail decorations on Ebay for a REALLY good price (Around $3.00 CDN with free shipping!!).  Hope you enjoy!

To apply the heart docorations, I applied a thick coat of clear polish and placed the hearts onto my nails using tweezers.  Since the hearts are slightly thick (not as thick as Fimo slices, but still thicker than stickers), to obtain ideal wear time it's a good idea to hold them down with the tweezers as the clear coat dries (so the heart will bend to the shape of your nail).  This is very time consuming though, since you must apply one heart at a time and hold it down for at least a minute (depending how much time it takes for your clear coat to dry).  Afterwards, apply another coat of clear polish over the hearts :) 

 Polished used (left to right):
-L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish with hardeners in "Voltage"
-Avon Nailwear Pro+ nail enamel in "Sea Breeze"
-L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish with hardeners in "Circuits"

Overall, these decorations are very pretty and fun but a pain the neck if you're impatient!! I recommend applying them while you're watching a movie so you won't notice the time.  Thanks for reading!! xo


  1. These are so cute! I always do my nails while watching a movie or tv. The mint is soo pretty xx

  2. so cute! xoxo

  3. It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

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