Sunday, 23 December 2012

Milani Holographic Nail Polish Review

Hi everyone :) I purchased the a bottle of Milani holographic nail polish a little while ago (I mentionned it in my November collective haul).  I've tested it out, and I'm pretty impressed!  This polish was long lasting and very sparkly.  It was the first holographic nail polish I ever tried.  Depending on the lighting, the holographic effect was different: in very bright light, it was much easier to see.  In dim light, the polish just looked like a pretty silver glitter (still nice!).

With flash: the holographic effect shows!!

Without flash: looks more like a pretty glitter :)

I will definitely be trying more Milani polishes in the future. They have a wide selection of very unique colors!
Have you tried holographic nail polishes yet? Thanks for reading! xo

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