Monday, 26 November 2012

Review: Maybelline ColorShow Nail Lacquer

Hi loves! I purchased a bottle of Maybelline's ColorShow nail lacquer at the end of August after seeing advertisements for it everywhere.  I'm a little late, but here is my review!
The color I purchased is a bubble gum pink, called "Chiffon Chic".  I added two coats of "Fairy Dust" from China Glaze over it. 

As you can see from the pictures, this polish is very true to color.  I love the shape of the bottle; the uniform cylinder is quite chic.  The polish itself was unfortunately streaky, and took three coats to get a decent finish.  I used the glitter in an attempt to smooth out the streaks.  The brush was also very small and not ideal for the application. 
Overall, this is a decent product for the price.  I was impressed by the bold colors offered in this line, but the quality of the product wasn't amazing.  Maybelline, I love your eyeshadows anbd mascaras, but this nail lacquer isn't your best asset!!
Thanks for reading! xo


  1. Aw! That's sucks that it's streaky and small brushes are so hard to work with but great color pick! I love this pink! :) I love your blog! I'm your newest follower~! :D

  2. I like the color but upon reading your review, it seems like not a good product to try out because of the brush. I guess I have to pass on this one too for I am particular of the brush for easy application.


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