Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Easy Hello Kitty Halloween Costume!

Happy Halloween everyone!! I LOVE dressing up for Halloween! It's the one day a year you can look like a complete freak and get away with it ;) Here is my Hello Kitty inspired costume, which I'm wearing to uni today :)

The flowers are from Forever 21, and the maxi skirt is from a local boutique.
I made the shirt myself using an old t-shirt I no longer wore and fabric pens.  I simply printed a picture of Hello Kitty, taped it between the shirt and traced :)

The flats I'm wearing are from Ardene.
Products used:
Rimmel Vinyl Max One Stroke Maxi Shine lipgloss in "Legend",
Rimmel lipstick in "Socking Pink",
Maybelline Line'Express eyeliner in "Black".

I was so impressed with this lipstick! I bought it a few years ago and
never had the guts to wear it.  It's super pigmented and smells like candy! 
Will you be dressing up today?? Thanks for reading!! xo

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  1. So very adorable! Hope your day was super fun...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!xoxo


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