Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Perfume Collection!!

Hi loves!! I decided to share my (modest) fragrance collection with you.  Most of my fragrances have little stories behind them; hope you enjoy reading them!! :)

Yves Rocher "Pur Désir De Lilas": this was my first fragrance.  My boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday when we were in highschool.  It smells just like fresh lilacs!!

"Chance" by Channel: I got this fragrance for free in a goodie bag at a science event in highschool.  Strange place to get a fragrance, eh? I really enjoy how luxurious it smells.  I save it for special occasions in the fall and winter seasons; in my opinion it's too heavy for spring and summer.

"Daisy" by Marc Jacobs: this is my absolute favorite fragrance.  It's so feminine and refreshing.  I always get compliments when I wear it! :)

"Agua Allegoria Pamplelune" by Guerlain: this frangrance smells just like grapefruit!! There is a funny story behind it: I had originally purchased this fragrance for one of my friends.  She loved it, but after a breaking up with her then-boyfriend, she could no longer wear it because the smell reminded her of him.  I had another perfume which I loved ("Nina" by Nina Riccie) but couldn't wear because my boyfriend's mother had the same one!!  We decided to trade: she took my Nina, and I took her Pamplelune :)

"Incanto" by Salvatore Ferragamo: "incanto" is Italian for "enchantement".  I think that name perfectly described this fragrance!! The smells makes me think of an exotic beach :)

"Hot" by Ralph Lauren: this was a total impulse buy!!! I was stopping at the mall to buy myself lunch, and a saleswoman stopped me and... I just couldn't say no.  I did get a cute purse with purchase, hahaha!  This fragrance is great for the fall and winter seasons; it's quite musky!

"Lovestruck" by Vera Wang: I LOVE Vera Wang fragrances!!! This is my first one; previously I've only had samples.  My sister gave me this fragrance for my birthday, and I was thrilled of course!!! :)

I have quite a few fragrances in mind that I would like to add to my collection, maybe "Light Blue" by Dolce and Gabana, or "Candy" by Prada?

Do you own any of these fragrances? What is your absolute favorite smell? :)

Thank you for reading!! xo 


  1. D&G's Light Blue is my all time favorite. I've been wearing it since I was a Jr. in High School. And for many many years that was the only perfume I had. But last year I went perfume crazy ha ha. A bit too crazy! Candy by Prada is a good one too! Lovely post!
    <3 Amber

    1. Thanks love :) It's easy to go perfume crazy, there are fabulous new scents coming out ALL the time :) I have a sample of Light Blue and it's so lovely!!!! :) x


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