Friday, 31 August 2012

August Favorites And What I've Been Up To!!

Hey everyone!! Hope you all had a fabulous August! Here are a few of my favorite products this month and what I've been up to :)

I've been using this mascara non-stop this month.  It's run dry!!
I love it because it gives me classic black-lashes that aren't too over-the-top.

I recently picked up a tube of this lip stain by Maybelline to review it.
It's the SuperStay 10 Hour Stain Gloss. I love it so much I had
to pick up another tube!! This on is in "Pink Plush".

Here is a swatch!

This "Malibu Heat" body lotion from Bath And Body Works smells so good!!
Too bad it's limited edition!!

I've been wearing these bangles from Forever 21 over and over again this month :)

I've been obsessed with Second Cup this month!! So indulgent!!

Even if these mocassins are fall shoes, I've already taken them out of my closet and
started wearing them. They look funny since my feet are so tanned!! :)

I wore these plastic flats on a few rainy days this month. 
I don't mind getting them wet since they can't get ruined!!
If you look closely, you can see my horrible tan line on my feet!!
I've been wearing mostly flats this summer, so my toes are white :D

Unfortunately the plastic shoes can't protect my face from the rain!!
Hahaha here I just got home after getting caught in a storm.
My makeup was completely washed away!!

Here I am with my boyfriend taking a walk on a sunny day.
He forgot his sunglasses!!

Just a very simple NOTD from this month: bright pink and blue dots!!

The flowers are water decals :)

Thank you for reading!! xo

Monday, 27 August 2012

End Of Summer Dressy OOTD!!

Hi everyone!! Here is a quick OOTD that I wore to work the other day.  Soon I won't be able to wear cute skirts like this one anymore, so I'm taking advantage of the heat while it's still here :) Hope you enjoy!!

Shirt: Cleo
Tank top: Suzy Shier
Skirt: Garage

I ADORE these flats!! They are from :)

I've been wearing this hairstyle a lot!! It's so easy to do and keeps my hair out of my face :)
Thanks for reading!! xo

Thursday, 23 August 2012

NOTD: Transitioning Into Fall!!

Hi everyone! Fall is just around the corner, so it's time to put away the neon nail polish and pull out the muted darker shades.  Many of you might be sad summer is near its end but I'm actually excited for the coming season.  I'm obsessed with fall style: leggings with tall boots, skinny jeans with ankle boots, layering with cute jackets and scarfs, etc. The mild weather is also a plus, being permanently hot gets to be a pain! ^-^
True fashionistas transition smoothly into fall: slowly incorporate your fall pieces into your daily outfits by layering sweaters over summer dresses, or pair a floral skirt with ankle booties.  As the weather gets colder and colder, wear more and more of your fall wardrobe.  I'm starting with fall nails while still wearing summer clothing, baby steps!! :)
I chose a bright cobalt blue for my ring finger (very in for fall 2012)
and a muted teal blue for the rest of my fingers. 
From left: Essence Color and Go Quick Drying Nail Polish in "Absolute Pure";
China Glaze Nail Lacqeur in "Shower Together";
Essie Nail Polish in "Aruba Blue".
For my toes I chose a simple muted brown-grey.

From left: Essence Color and Go Quick Drying Nail Polish in "Absolute Pure";
Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Nail Color in "Fearless Fog".

How do you feel about fall? Are you as excited as me? Thank you for reading!! xo

Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Perfume Collection!!

Hi loves!! I decided to share my (modest) fragrance collection with you.  Most of my fragrances have little stories behind them; hope you enjoy reading them!! :)

Yves Rocher "Pur Désir De Lilas": this was my first fragrance.  My boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday when we were in highschool.  It smells just like fresh lilacs!!

"Chance" by Channel: I got this fragrance for free in a goodie bag at a science event in highschool.  Strange place to get a fragrance, eh? I really enjoy how luxurious it smells.  I save it for special occasions in the fall and winter seasons; in my opinion it's too heavy for spring and summer.

"Daisy" by Marc Jacobs: this is my absolute favorite fragrance.  It's so feminine and refreshing.  I always get compliments when I wear it! :)

"Agua Allegoria Pamplelune" by Guerlain: this frangrance smells just like grapefruit!! There is a funny story behind it: I had originally purchased this fragrance for one of my friends.  She loved it, but after a breaking up with her then-boyfriend, she could no longer wear it because the smell reminded her of him.  I had another perfume which I loved ("Nina" by Nina Riccie) but couldn't wear because my boyfriend's mother had the same one!!  We decided to trade: she took my Nina, and I took her Pamplelune :)

"Incanto" by Salvatore Ferragamo: "incanto" is Italian for "enchantement".  I think that name perfectly described this fragrance!! The smells makes me think of an exotic beach :)

"Hot" by Ralph Lauren: this was a total impulse buy!!! I was stopping at the mall to buy myself lunch, and a saleswoman stopped me and... I just couldn't say no.  I did get a cute purse with purchase, hahaha!  This fragrance is great for the fall and winter seasons; it's quite musky!

"Lovestruck" by Vera Wang: I LOVE Vera Wang fragrances!!! This is my first one; previously I've only had samples.  My sister gave me this fragrance for my birthday, and I was thrilled of course!!! :)

I have quite a few fragrances in mind that I would like to add to my collection, maybe "Light Blue" by Dolce and Gabana, or "Candy" by Prada?

Do you own any of these fragrances? What is your absolute favorite smell? :)

Thank you for reading!! xo 

Friday, 17 August 2012

New To My Collection: OPI Polishes (With Swatches)!!

Hi loves!! A little while ago, Beyond The Rack was having a sale on some OPI nail polishes.  I decided to pick a few up, since I don't have any OPI polishes in my collection.  I was very impressed with the quality of these polishes!!!  Here are the two polishes I purchased:

OPI Nail Lacquer in "Alpine Snow"

 OPI Nail Lacquer in "Light My Sapphire"

"Light My Sapphire" is a VERY deep navy, almost black but not quite.  It will be perfect for the fall and winter seasons! Here is a comparison next to a black polish (LA Color's "Circuits"):

The brushes are wide enough for an easy, even application.  "Alpine Snow" looked perfect and streak-free after two coats.  In the past I've had white polishes which needed three coats to look streak-free, so I was very pleased with this!

Here is a very simple nail design I made combining the colors:

If you beauties don't own any OPI nail polishes yet, go check them out!!! They are on the pricey side, but really worth it in my opinion.

Thanks for reading!! xo 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer OOTD: Casual Chic!!

Hi everyone! Here is a simple outfit I wore to go to dinner with my friends.  It's a very simple jeans and t-shirt look, but the details on the t-shirt and the accesorizes make it quite chic in my opinion!! Hope you enjoy!!

T-shirt: Cleo
Jeans: Bluenotes

I'm wearing my everyday bold eyeliner and Maybelline's SuperStay Stain Gloss lipstain in "Pink Flush"

Flats: Bamboo (purchased on

Necklace: Forever 21

Bangles: Forever 21

Thank you for reading!! xo

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bath And Body Works Haul!!

Hi loves!! I stopped at Bath & Body Works yesterday on my way home from work to pick up a few goodies.  Here is what I purchased:

These Sweet Pea products are birthday gifts for my friend Amanda.  Hopefully she doesn't read this!!

From left: Sweet Pea Body Shimmer, Sweet Pea Anti-bacterial Hand Gel, Sweet Pea Fragrance Mist 

The rest of these goodies are treats for me :)

From left: Dark Kiss Fragrance Mist, Secret Wonderland Fragrance Mist

I adore both of these scents!! The "Dark Kiss" scent is slightly musky, so I will be saving it for winter. "Secret Wonderland" is  very floral.

Malibu Heat Body Lotion

This was a limited edition summer scent.  I really love it and I'm sad to see it go!! I had previously purchased a mini bottle (88 mL) and loved it so much I had to get this large one!  It's a very tropical scent, with hints of banana and coconut.

From left: Caribbean Escape Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, Fresh Picked Apples Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

I can never have enough of these mini hand sanitizers.  They are the perfect size for throwing into your purse.  I like to have a few extras just in case. They are also great for gifts since they all smell amazing!!!  The "Caribbean Escape" scent  is very tropical and coconut-y, while the "Fresh Picked Apples" scent smells exactly like sweet apples, perfect for the fall!

What are some of your favorite scents from Bath And Body Works?

Thanks you for reading!! xo

Friday, 3 August 2012

Maybelline SuperStay Stain Gloss Review!

Hi loves!! I have been seeing advertisements EVERYWHERE for the Maybelline SuperStay Stain Gloss 10 hour lipstain.  It looked interesting so I decided to give it a try.  The verdict? I love it!!!

Maybelline SuperStay Stain Gloss 10 hour lipstain in "Fresh Fuchsia"

First, I would like to bring attention to the brush applicator this product has.  I really enjoyed it compared to other "marker-style" lipstains I've tried.  In my opinion, drawing the colors on to your lips with a marker is odd!! The brush applicator allowed me to easily and precisely color my lips.  Secondly, I really enjoyed this product's smell.  This lipstain has a fruity scent, almost like sweet fruit punch.  Very delicious.  Now let's discuss staying power.  The product claims to last on your lips for 10 hours.  I first applied it in the morning, then ate a banana and a sandwich, and the color was still perfect!!! However, as the day progressed the color began to fade.  It did fade envenly, making it look like I was wearing a different shade of lipstain.  I love this because there is no need to be constantly checking your compact mirror. The product will fade but in a flattering way.   

Hahaha :)

When first applied, the lipstain has a glossy finish.  However, once it fades the finish becomes matte.  My lips did not feel dry at any point, even once it began to fade.  I definitely reccomend this product!! It is the best lipstain I have tried so far.

Thanks for reading!! xo