Saturday, 21 July 2012

I Won A Giveaway!!

Hi everyone!! I won an awesome giveaway which was held by Amy.  She hosted a giveaway to celebrate having over 140 blog followers.  I was so excited to when she told me I won!!!  Go check her out! :)

Here are the fabulous prizes I received:

Some lovely creams and a face wash:  I've never tried these before, how exciting!!

Nail polish strips, nail polish, mascara, a pretty blush and an lipstick: HOW FABULOUS!  The nail polish is a perfect nude.  I've tried the Bad gal mascara before and it's lovely.  The boujois blush is so pretty.  However, the product I'm most excited about is the beautiful Illamasqua lipstick :) 

The color is called "Over".  It's a beautiful coral.

This lovely Boujois blush is in the shade "Rose de Jaspe"

Thanks for reading!! :) x


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