Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello Kitty "Mon Amour" Palette Eyeshadow Look!!

Hello lovelies!!  A little while ago I popped into Sephora on a shopping trip, and found this little gem on sale for $22.00!!  I had to snatch it up!

Hello Kitty "Mon Amour" Eye Shadow and Blush Palette

This palette was released a few months ago.  Many of you may have already heard about it, as I was slightly late to discover it.  However, I got it for a really good bargain so to me that makes up for my tardiness!! :)

The palette includes two blushes ("Rasberry Macaroon" and "Strawberry Macaroon") as well as eight eyeshadows ("Passion Fruit Macaroon", "Jardin", "Fleur de Lys", "Parisian Pink", "Croissant", "Lemon Meringue", "Pistaschio" and "Eiffel Tower").

The actual eyeshadows colors differ slightly from the colors printed on the packaging: they are much lighter!  In fact, all the eyeshadows except Eiffel Tower and Fleur de Lys are delicate pastels, perfect for spring :)

Here is the look I put together, hope you enjoy!

I used "Pistachio" to completely cover my lids.  Next I used "Parisian Pink" in my crease.  To add a little more color I used a very small amount of "Passion Fruit Macaroon" in the outer corners of my crease.  I used "Croissant" to highlight my brow bones.  The only eyeshadow I used which wasn't from this palette was Mary Kay's "Lucky Penny" to fill in my brows.  I then added some of Avon's Perfect Wear Eyewriter Liquid Eyeliner in "Evening Black" to line my eyes, creating a small wing.  Finally I used Maybelline New York's Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara in "Blackest Black", adding two coats on my top lashes, and one coat on my bottom lashes.

All the photos were taken in natural light.  The eyeshadows are so subtle, perfect for work or school :)  You can barely tell I'm wearing eyeshadow from far away! 

Do you have this palette? What do you think about it? :)

Thank you so much for reading!! xo


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  2. That's SO cute :) I wish I could get one! x


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