Friday, 11 May 2012

Essence Cosmetics Review!! Nail Polish & Mascara

Hello lovelies!! I had just popped into the drugstore the other day when I stumbled upon a large makeup display from a brand I had never heard of : Essence. All the products were at very low prices, so I decided to pick a few up. After a little research I discovered that Essence is a sub-brand from the German brand Cosnova. The Essence products have been available in Canada since February (so I'm late on this, oops!!). I will be reviewing one of their mascaras and one of their nail polishes for you :)

I really enjoyed their nail polish. They have a nice selection of colors, including brights, subtles, glitters and more. I chose a pale blue that reminds me of the "Tiffany & Co. Blue" since I didn't already have one in my collection. 

Essence Color & Go quick drying nail polish in "You Belong To Me"

I had to apply three coats of this polish to get the opacity I desired but the nail polish is quick drying so it wasn't a problem. This polish lasted a good four days without chipping. I applied one coat of Essie's "Good to Go quick drying top coat" once the blue had dried.
They had a good selection of mascaras to choose from, each one having different effects. I chose their "All Eyes on Me Multi Effect Mascara". This product was only $2.49 (CAN).  I have used the mascara a few times now and I enjoy it. It lengthens and separates my lashes without clumping. It was easily washed away with water. Overall, this mascara was decent, not super extraordinary but for such a low price it is a great staple to have!!

I applied two coats of the mascara on my left eye and nothing on my right eye.

Check out their website here. It's pretty awesome! They have a complete list of their products, beauty news, styling cards, videos, and even have a photo modifying application called "Pimp Your Picture!"  What do you think of my new look? ;)  


In brief I would reccomend this brand to ladies who are on a budget or ladies who just want to try something new without breaking the bank!! The company also does not test on animals :) Other than nail polish and mascara, the Essence brand carries lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, powders, etc etc!!

Have you tried Essence products yet?

Thank you for reading!! xo


  1. Great review and very cute new look! =o)

  2. Yeah the mascaras are the best, better than paying more. I love essence mascaras they are my staple.


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